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NAVE: Hashabniah
EBD: Hashabniah
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the silence of the Lord ( --> same as Hashabnah)

Hashabniah [EBD]

(1.) Neh. 3:10. (2.) One of the Levites whom Ezra appointed to interpret the law to the people (Neh. 9:5).

Hashabniah [NAVE]

1. Father of Hattush, Neh. 3:10.
2. A Levite, Neh. 9:5.


(whom Jehovah regards).
  1. Father of Hattush. (Nehemiah 3:10)
  2. A Levite who was among those who officiated at the great fast under Ezra and Nehemiah when the covenant was sealed. (Nehemiah 9:5) (B.C. 410.)

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