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HEBREW: 2741 ypwrx Charuwphiy
NAVE: Haruphite
EBD: Haruphite
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In Bible versions:

Haruphite: AVS TEV
a resident of the town of Haruph

slender; sharp


Strongs #02741: ypwrx Charuwphiy

Haruphite = "native of Haruph"

1) an inhabitant of Hariph

2741 Charuwphiy khar-oo-fee'

a patrial from (probably) a collateral form of 2756; a
Charuphite or inhabitant of Charuph (or Chariph):-Haruphite.
see HEBREW for 02756

Haruphite [EBD]

a native of Hariph; an epithet given to Shephatiah, one of those who joined David at Ziklag (1 Chr. 12:5).

Haruphite [NAVE]

1 Chr. 12:5


HARUPHITE - ha-roo'-fit (charuphi, or chariphi); In 1 Ch 12:5 Shephatiah, one of the companions of David, is called a Haruphite (K) or Hariphite (Q). If the latter be the correct reading, it is connected with HARIPH or perhaps HAREPH (which see).

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