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HEBREW: 2586 Nwnx Chanuwn
NAVE: Hanun
EBD: Hanun
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In Bible versions:

son and successor of Ammonite King Nahash in David's time
son of Zalaph; a repairman of the wall next to the East Gate
a repairman of the Valley Gate in the city wall

gracious; merciful


Strongs #02586: Nwnx Chanuwn

Hanun = "gracious"

1) son of Nahash and king of Ammon who dishonoured David's ambassadors
and lost the subsequent war with David
2) a man who, with the people of Zanoah, repaired the ravine gate in
the wall of Jerusalem
3) the 6th son of Zalaph, who also assisted in the repair of the wall
of Jerusalem, apparently on the east side

2586 Chanuwn khaw-noon'

from 2603; favored; Chanun, the name of an Ammonite and of
two Israelites:-Hanun.
see HEBREW for 02603

Hanun [EBD]

graciously given. (1.) The son and successor of Nahash, king of Moab. David's messengers, sent on an embassy of condolence to him to Rabbah Ammon, his capital, were so grossly insulted that he proclaimed war against Hanun. David's army, under the command of Joab, forthwith crossed the Jordan, and gained a complete victory over the Moabites and their allies (2 Sam. 10:1-14) at Medeba (q.v.).

(2.) Neh. 3:13. (3.) 3:30.

Hanun [NAVE]

HANUN, successor of Nahash as king of Ammon, dishonors David's ambassadors, 2 Sam. 10; 1 Chr. 19.


  1. Son of Nahash (2 Samuel 10:1,2; 1 Chronicles 19:1,2) king of Ammon, who dishonored the ambassadors of David, (2 Samuel 10:4) and involved the Ammonites in a disastrous war, (2 Samuel 12:31; 1 Chronicles 19:6) (B.C. 1035.)
  2. A man who, with the people of Zanoah, repaired the ravine gate in the wall of Jerusalem. (Nehemiah 3:13) (B.C. 446).
  3. The sixth son of Zalalph, who also assisted in the repair of the wall, apparently on the east side. (Nehemiah 3:30) (B.C. 446.)


HANUN - ha'-nun (chanun, "favored," "pitied"):

(1) A son and successor of Nahash, king of Ammon. Upon the death of Nahash, David sent sympathetic communications to Hanun, which were misinterpreted and the messengers dishonored. Because of this indignity, David waged a war against him, which caused the Ammonites to lose their independence (2 Sam 10:1 ff; 1 Ch 19:1 ff).

(2) One of the six sons of Zalaph who assisted in repairing the East wall of Jerusalem (Neh 3:30).

(3) One of the inhabitants of Zanoah who repaired the Valley Gate in the wall of Jerusalem (Neh 3:13).

Byron H. Dement

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