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Handkerchief [EBD]

Only once in Authorized Version (Acts 19:12). The Greek word (sudarion) so rendered means properly "a sweat-cloth." It is rendered "napkin" in John 11:44; 20:7; Luke 19:20.

Handkerchief [NAVE]

Acts 19:12.


HANDKERCHIEF - han'-ker-chif (soudarion): A loan-word from the Latin sudarium, found in plural in Acts 19:12, soudaria; compare sudor, "perspiration"; literally, "a cloth used to wipe off perspiration." Elsewhere it is rendered "napkin" (Lk 19:20; Jn 11:44; 20:7), for which see DRESS; NAPKIN.

Also see definition of "Handkerchief" in Word Study

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