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Handbreadth [EBD]

a measure of four fingers, equal to about four inches (Ex. 25:25; 37:12; Ps. 39:5, etc.).

Handbreadth [NAVE]

HANDBREADTH, a measure, about four inches, Ex. 25:25; 1 Kin. 7:26; 2 Chr. 4:5; Psa. 39:5; Isa. 48:13; Ezek. 40:5, 43; Jer. 52:21.
See: Span; Fingerbreadth.


HANDBREADTH - hand'-bredth (Tephach, Tophach, 1 Ki 7:26; 2 Ch 4:5; Ps 39:5; Ex 25:25; 37:12; Ezek 40:5,43; 43:13): A Hebrew linear measure containing 4 fingers, or digits, and equal to about 3 inches.


Also see definition of "Handbreadth" in Word Study

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