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HEBREW: 4447 tklm Moleketh
NAVE: Hammolecheth Hammoleketh
EBD: Hammoleketh
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In Bible versions:

Hammoleketh: NET NIV
Hammolecheth: AVS NRSV NASB TEV
daughter of Machir of Manasseh


Strongs #04447: tklm Moleketh

Hammoleketh = "the queen"

1) daughter of Machir and sister of Gilead

4447 Moleketh mo-leh'-keth

feminine active participle of 4427; queen; Moleketh, an
Israelitess:-Hammoleketh (including the article).
see HEBREW for 04427

Hammoleketh [EBD]

the queen, the daughter of Machir and sister of Gilead (1 Chr. 7:17, 18). Abiezer was one of her three children.

Hammolecheth [NAVE]

See: Hammoleketh.

Hammoleketh [NAVE]

HAMMOLEKETH, daughter of Machir, 1 Chr. 7:17, 18.


(the queen), a daughter of Machir and sister of Gilead. (1 Chronicles 7:17,18) (B.C. between 1706 and 1491.)


HAMMOLECHETH - ha-mol'-e-keth (hamolekheth, "the queen"; Septuagint Malecheth; the King James Version Hammoleketh): The daughter of Machir and sister of Gilead (1 Ch 7:18).

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