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NAVE: Hammelech
EBD: Hammelech
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a king; a counselor

Hammelech [EBD]

the king's, the father of Jerahmeel, mentioned in Jer. 36:26. Some take this word as a common noun, "the king", and understand that Jerahmeel was Jehoiakim's son. Probably, however, it is to be taken as a proper name.

Hammelech [NAVE]

HAMMELECH, name of a man, or possibly only an appellation, meaning "the king,'' Jer. 36:26; 38:6.


lit. "the king, " unnecessarily rendered in the Authorized Version as a proper name. (Jeremiah 36:26; 38:6)


HAMMELECH - ham'-e-lek (ha-melekh, "the king"): Wrongly translated as a proper name in the King James Version. It should be rendered "the king," as in the American Standard Revised Version (Jer 36:26; 38:6).

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