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EBD: Guest-chamber
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Guest-chamber [EBD]

the spare room on the upper floor of an Eastern dwelling (Mark 14:14; Luke 22:11). In Luke 2:7 the word is translated "inn" (q.v.).


GUEST-CHAMBER - gest'-cham-ber: The translation of (1) (lishkah) (1 Sam 9:22, the King James Version "parlor"), and (2) (kataluma) (Mk 14:14 parallel Lk 22:11). The lishkah was probably a room in which the sacrificial feasts were held. Kataluma is derived from kataluo, which means "to slacken," i.e. the ropes of the beasts of burden, and hence, "to lodge." Kataluma has accordingly often the sense of "inn," but as used in Mk and Lk it has the narrower meaning of a room in which to eat.

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