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Goblet [EBD]

a laver or trough for washing garments. In Cant. 7:2, a bowl or drinking vessel, a bowl for mixing wine; in Ex. 24:6, a sacrificial basin. (See CUP.)

Goblet [NAVE]

See: Cup.


a circular vessel for wine or other liquid.


GOBLET - gob'-let ('aggan): A bowl or basin (Song 7:2), the only place where the word is used. `Aggan is used in the plural in Ex 24:6 and Isa 22:24, and is translated "basins" and "cups." These "basins" were used to hold the blood of the sacrifices and must have been of moderate size. The "cups" were bowl-shaped vessels and belonged evidently to the smaller class of vessels used in a house.

Also see definition of "Goblet" in Word Study

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