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Glede [EBD]

an Old English name for the common kite, mentioned only in Deut. 14:13 (Heb. ra'ah), the Milvus ater or black kite. The Hebrew word does not occur in the parallel passage in Leviticus (11:14, da'ah, rendered "vulture;" in R.V., "kite"). It was an unclean bird. The Hebrew name is from a root meaning "to see," "to look," thus designating a bird with a keen sight. The bird intended is probably the buzzard, of which there are three species found in Palestine. (See VULTURE.)

Glede [NAVE]

GLEDE, a carnivorous bird, Deut. 14:13.


the old name for the common kite (Milvus ater), occurs only in (14:13) among the unclean birds of prey.


GLEDE - gled (ra`ah; gups): A member of the hawk species. It is given among the list of abominations in Dt 14:13, but not in the Lev list (Lev 11:14). The kite is substituted. The Arabs might have called one of the buzzards the glede. In England, where specimens of most of these birds appear in migration, the glede is synonymous with kite, and was given the name from glide, to emphasize a gliding motion in flight. See illustration, p. 1235.

Also see definition of "Glede" in Word Study

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