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HEBREW: 1493 ynwzg Gizowniy
NAVE: Gizonite
EBD: Gizonite
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In Bible versions:

a resident of the town of Gizah or Gizon


Strongs #01493: ynwzg Gizowniy

Gizonite = "shearer: quarryman"

1) a descendant from or inhabitant of Gizon (otherwise unknown)

1493 Gizowniy ghee-zo-nee'

patrial from the unused name of a place apparently in
Palestine; a Gizonite or inhabitant of Gizoh:-Gizonite.

Gizonite [EBD]

a name given to Hashem, an inhabitant of Gizoh, a place somewhere in the mountains of Judah (1 Chr. 11:34; 2 Sam. 23:32, 34).

Glass - was known to the Egyptians at a very early period of their national history, at least B.C. 1500. Various articles both useful and ornamental were made of it, as bottles, vases, etc. A glass bottle with the name of Sargon on it was found among the ruins of the north-west palace of Nimroud. The Hebrew word zekukith (Job 28:17), rendered in the Authorized Version "crystal," is rightly rendered in the Revised Version "glass." This is the only allusion to glass found in the Old Testament. It is referred to in the New Testament in Rev. 4:6; 15:2; 21:18, 21. In Job 37:18, the word rendered "looking-glass" is in the Revised Version properly rendered "mirror," formed, i.e., of some metal. (Comp. Ex. 38:8: "looking-glasses" are brazen mirrors, R.V.). A mirror is referred to also in James 1:23.

Gizonite [NAVE]

GIZONITE, a man or town of Judah, 1 Chr. 11:34.


GIZONITE - gi'-zon-it: This gentilic name in 1 Ch 11:34, "Hashem the Gizonite," is probably an error for "Gunite" (compare Nu 26:48), and the passage should be corrected, after 2 Sam 23:32, into "Jashen the Gunite."

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