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HEBREW: 1579 wzmg Gimzow
NAVE: Gimzo
EBD: Gimzo
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In Bible versions:

a town 20 km SE of Joppa and 20 km south of Aphek (SMM)

that bulrush
Google Maps: Gimzo (31° 55´, 34° 56´)


Strongs #01579: wzmg Gimzow

Gimzo = "fertile in sycamores"

1) a town in Judah south of the road between Jerusalem and Joppa which
with its dependant villages was captured by the Philistines in the
reign of Ahaz

1579 Gimzow ghim-zo'

of uncertain derivation; Gimzo, a place in Palestine:-Gimzo.

Gimzo [EBD]

a place fertile in sycamores, a city in the plain of Judah, the villages of which were seized by the Philistines (2 Chr. 28:18). It is now called Jimzu, about 3 miles south-east of Ludd, i.e., Lydda.

Gimzo [NAVE]

GIMZO, a city of Judah, 2 Chr. 28:18.


(fertile in sycamores), a town which with its dependent villages was taken possession of by the Philistines in the reign of Ahaz. (2 Chronicles 28:18) The name (Jimzu) still remains attached to a large village between two and three miles southwest of Lydda, south of the road between Jerusalem and Jaffa.


GIMZO - gim'-zo (gimzo; Gamzo): A town of Judah on the border of the Philistine plain, captured by the Philistines in the days of Ahaz (2 Ch 28:18). It is the modern Jimzu, a small mud village about 3 1/2 miles Southeast of Ludd (Lydda), on the old mule road from there to Jerusalem (Robinson, BR, II, 248-49;. SWP, Il, 297).

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