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HEBREW: 1389 hebg gib`ah 6190 hlre `orlah
NAVE: Gibeath Haaraloth
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In Bible versions:

Gibeath-Haaraloth: AVS TEV
Gibeath Haaraloth: NIV
Gibeath-haaraloth: NRSV NASB
the place of Israel's first encampment west of the Jordan River
Google Maps: Gibeath-haaraloth (31° 51´, 35° 31´)


Strongs #01389: hebg gib`ah

1) hill
1a) hill (lower than a mountain)
1b) as a place of illicit worship
1c) poetic for mountain
1d) used in place names

1389 gib`ah ghib-aw'

feminine from the same as 1387; a hillock:-hill, little
see HEBREW for 01387

Strongs #06190: hlre `orlah

1) foreskin, uncircumcised

6190 `orlah or-law'

feminine of 6189; the prepuce:-foreskin, + uncircumcised.
see HEBREW for 06189

Gibeath Haaraloth [NAVE]

Josh. 5:3

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