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HEBREW: 1405 Nwtbg [email protected]
NAVE: Gibbethon
EBD: Gibbethon
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In Bible versions:

a Philistine town in Dan, given to the Kohathite (OS)

a back; a high house
Google Maps: Gibbethon (31° 58´, 35° 0´)


Strongs #01405: Nwtbg [email protected]

Gibbethon = "mound"

1) a Philistine town in Dan allocated to the Kohathite Levites

1405 Gibbthown ghib-beth-one'

intensive from 1389; a hilly spot; Gibbethon, a place in
see HEBREW for 01389

Gibbethon [EBD]

a height, a city of the Philistines in the territory of Dan, given to the Kohathites (Josh. 19:44; 21:23). Nadab the king of Israel, while besieging it, was slain under its walls by Baasha, one of his own officers (1 Kings 15:27). It was in the possession of the Philistines after the secession of the ten tribes (2 Chr. 11:13, 14).

Gibbethon [NAVE]

A city of Dan, Josh. 19:44.
Allotted to the Levites, Josh. 21:23.
Besieged by Israel, while in possession of Philistines, 1 Kin. 15:27; 16:15, 17.


(a hill), a town allotted to the tribe of Dan, (Joshua 19:44) and afterwards given with its "suburbs" to the Kohathite Levites. ch. (Joshua 21:23)


GIBBETHON - gib'-e-thon (gibbethon): A city in the territory of Dan in the plain named with Eltekeh and Baalath (Josh 19:44), and assigned to the Kohathite Levites (Josh 21:23). Later we find it in the hands of the Philistines; and it was while besieging the city that Nadab was slain by Baasha (1 Ki 15:27). After 25 years Omri, the general of Baasha, was here made king of the army when news reached them of Zimri s regicide (1 Ki 16:15 ff). It may possibly be identified with Kibbiah, which lies about 16 miles Southeast of Jaffa; but no certain identification is possible.

W. Ewing

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