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GET; GETTING - A great many Hebrew words are in the Old Testament translated "get," "got," etc. The word "get" has two meanings: (1) with the idea of movement, "to go," etc.; (2) with that of acquisition, "to gain," "obtain," etc. (1) In the first sense the most frequent words are bo', "to come, or go in" (Gen 45:17; 1 Sam 22:5, etc.); yalakh "to go on" (Gen 12:1; 22:2; Ex 5:4; Jer 5:5, etc.); yaradh, "to go down" (Gen 42:2; Joel 3:13); `alah, "to go up" (Gen 44:17; Isa 40:9; Jer 49:31, etc.). Other words are nudh, "to move off" (Jer 49:30 the King James Version; Dan 4:14); nasa', "to remove" (Nu 14:25); yatsa', "to go out" (Gen 19:14; 31:13; Ex 11:8). (2) In the sense of acquisition, the words most frequently translated "get," etc., are `asah, "to do," "to make" (Gen 12:5; 31:1; Dt 8:17,18); qanah, "to get," "obtain" (Gen 4:1; Prov 4:5,7; Eccl 2:7 the King James Version, the Revised Version (British and American) "bought"; Jer 13:1, the Revised Version (British and American) "buy"); matsa' "to find" (Nu 31:50; 2 Sam 20:6); rakhash, "to acquire," "gain" (Gen 31:18; 36:6 the King James Version, the Revised Version (British and American) "gathered"; 46:6).

Getting is the translation of po`al (Prov 21:6), of qinyan "obtaining" (Gen 31:18; Prov 4:7, the English Revised Version text and the American Standard Revised Version margin "all thou hast gotten"). In the New Testament "get" in the first sense is the translation of exerchomai, "to go out or forth" (Lk 13:31; Acts 7:3; 22:18); of exeimi, "to go out or forth" (Acts 27:43); of katabaino, "to go down" (Acts 10:20); hupago, "to go away or under," "Get .... behind" (Mt 16:23; Lk 4:8 the King James Version, "Get .... hence"; Mt 4:10). The only separate word translated "get" in the second sense is heurisko, "to begin to find" (usually translated "find") (Lk 9:12 the King James Version, "that they may go .... and get victuals").

For "get" the Revised Version (British and American) has "mount" (Dt 28:43), "buy" (Prov 17:16; Jer 13:1; 19:1); for "get you down" (Joel 3:13), "tread ye," margin "get you down"; "get" for "possess" (Lk 18:12); "get them away" for "gather themselves together" (Ps 104:22); "get us" for "apply" (Ps 90:12); "let us get grain" for "therefore we take up corn for them," and for "that we might buy corn" (Neh 5:2,3); "get you no" for "provide neither" (Mt 10:9); "getteth prudence" for "is prudent," margin "dealeth prudently" (Prov 15:5); "getteth" for "coveteth" (Hab 2:9).

W. L. Walker

Also see definition of "Getting" in Word Study

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