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In Bible versions:

Gederathite: NET
a lowland town of Judah; home of clan of potters (Shelah Judah)

a wall ( --> same as Geder, Gederoth)
Google Maps: Gederah (31° 49´, 34° 46´)


Strongs #01449: hrdg [email protected]

Gederah = "wall"

1) a town of Judah in the lowland country

1449 Gderah ghed-ay-raw'

the same as 1448; (with the article) Gederah, a place in
Palestine:-Gederah, hedges.
see HEBREW for 01448

Strongs #01452: ytrdg [email protected]

Gederathite = "a wall"

1) an inhabitant of Gederah

1452 Gderathiy ghed-ay-raw-thee'

patrial from 1449; a Gederathite, or inhabitant of
see HEBREW for 01449

Gederah [EBD]

the fortress; a fortified place, a town in the plain (shephelah) of Judah (Josh. 15:36). This is a very common Canaanite and Phoenician name. It is the feminine form of Geder (12:13); the plural form is Gederoth (15:41). This place has by some been identified with Jedireh, a ruin 9 miles from Lydda, toward Eleutheropolis, and 4 miles north of Sur'ah (Zorah), in the valley of Elah.

Gederathite [EBD]

an epithet applied to Josabad, one of David's warriors at Ziklag (1 Chr. 12:4), a native of Gederah.

Gederah [NAVE]

GEDERAH, a city in plain of Judah, Josh. 15:36.


(a sheepfold), a town of Judah in the lowland country, (Joshua 15:36) apparently in its eastern part. No town bearing this name has, however, been yet discovered in this hitherto little-explored district.


GEDERAH; GEDERATHITE - ge-de'-ra, ge-de'-ra-thit (ha-gedherah, "the enclosed place"): A town in the Shephelah of Judah, named with Socoh, Azekah, Shaaraim and Adithaim (Josh 15:36). In 1 Ch 4:23 the Revised Version (British and American) reads, "the inhabitants of Netaim and Gederah," for the King James Version, "those that dwelt among plants and hedges." It is probably represented by Khirbet Jadireh, about 3 miles Southwest of Gezer. "Gederathite," applied to Jozabad (1 Ch 12:4), probably meant an inhabitant of this place.

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