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HEBREW: 2798 Myvrx Charashiym
NAVE: Ge Harashim
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Ge Harashim

In Bible versions:

Ge Harashim: NET NIV
Ge-harashim: NRSV NASB
Ge-Harashim: TEV
a group of craftsmen, founded by Joab son of Seraiah of Judah


Strongs #02798: Myvrx Charashiym

Charashim or Harashim = "valley of craftsmen"

1) a valley near Lydda, a few miles east of Joppa, founded by
Joab of Othniel's family

2798 Charashiym khar-aw-sheem'

plural of 2796; mechanics, the name of a valley in
Jerusalem:-Charashim, craftsmen.
see HEBREW for 02796

Ge Harashim [NAVE]

See: Charashim.


GE-HARASHIM - ge-ha-ra'-shim (ge'charashim): In 1 Ch 4:14, the King James Version renders "valley of Charashim." In Neh 11:35, English Versions of the Bible renders "valley of craftsmen"; here it is named with Lod and Ono. Something of the name perhaps survives in Khirbet Hirsa, East of Lydda.

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