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HEBREW: 1667 Nwmr-tg Gath-Rimmown
NAVE: Gath-rimmon
EBD: Gath-rimmon
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Gath Rimmon

In Bible versions:

Gath Rimmon: NET NIV
Gath-Rimmon: AVS TEV
Gath-rimmon: NRSV NASB
a town of Dan and the Kohathites probably a few km north of Joppa
a town of Manasseh given to the Kohathites

the high wine-press
Google Maps: Gath-rimmon (1) (32° 4´, 34° 52´); Gath-rimmon (2) (32° 27´, 35° 16´)


Strongs #01667: Nwmr-tg Gath-Rimmown

Gath-rimmon = "winepress of the pomegranate"

1) a city given out of the tribe of Dan to the Levites, situated on
the plain of Philistia, apparently not far from Joppa
2) a town of the half tribe of Manasseh located on the west side of
the Jordan, assigned to the Levites

1667 Gath-Rimmown gath-rim-mone'

from 1660 and 7416; wine-press of (the) pomegranate;
Gath-Rimmon, a place in Palestine:-Gath-rimmon.
see HEBREW for 01660
see HEBREW for 07416

Gath-rimmon [EBD]

press of the pomegranate. (1.) A Levitical city in the tribe of Dan (Josh. 19:45; 21:24; 1 Chr. 6:69).

(2.) Another city of the same name in Manasseh, west of the Jordan (Josh. 21:25), called also Bileam (1 Chr. 6:70).

Gath-rimmon [NAVE]

1. A Levitical city of Dan, Josh. 19:45.
2. A city of Manasseh, Josh. 21:24, 25; 1 Chr. 6:69.
Called also Bileam, 1 Chr. 6:70.


GATH-RIMMON - gath-rim'-un (gath rimmon, "winepress of Rimmon"):

(1) A city in the territory of Dan named with Bene-berak and Me-jarkon, in the plain not far from Joppa (Josh 19:45), assigned to the Kohathite Levites (Josh 21:24), reckoned to Ephraim in 1 Ch 6:69. Eusebius, Onomasticon locates it 12 miles from Eleutheropolis on the way to Diospolis. This, however, is too far to the South. More probably it is identical with the "Gath" which Eusebius, Onomasticon places between Antipatris and Jamnia. It is not identified.

(2) A town in the territory of Manasseh, West of Jordan, given to the Levites (Josh 21:25). There is nothing to indicate the position of the place, and there is much confusion in the writing of the name: Septuagint Codex Alexandrinus, "Baithsa"; Codex Vaticanus, "Jebatha." In 1 Ch 6:70 it is replaced by "Bileam," i.e. IBLEAM (which see).

W. Ewing

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