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Gath Hepher

In Bible versions:

Gath Hepher: NET NIV
Gath-Hepher: AVS TEV
Gath-hepher: NRSV NASB
a town of Zebulun 9 km NW of Mt. Tabor & 4 km NE of Nazareth
Google Maps: Gath-hepher (32° 44´, 35° 19´)


Strongs #01662: rpxh-tg Gath-ha-Chepher or (abridged) rpx-htg Gittah-Chepher

Gath-hepher or Gittah-hepher = "the winepress of digging"

1) home town of Jonah on the border of Zebulun

1662 Gath-ha-Chepher gath-hah-khay'-fer

or (abridged) Gittah-Chepher {ghit-taw-khay'-fer}; from 1660
and 2658 with the article inserted; wine- press of (the) well;
Gath-Chepher, a place in Palestine:-Gath-kephr, Gittah-kephr.
see HEBREW for 02658

Gath-hepher [EBD]

wine-press of the well, a town of Lower Galilee, about 5 miles from Nazareth; the birthplace of Jonah (2 Kings 14:25); the same as Gittah-hepher (Josh. 19:13). It has been identified with the modern el-Meshed, a village on the top of a rocky hill. Here the supposed tomb of Jonah, Neby Yunas, is still pointed out.

Gath-hepher [NAVE]

GATH-HEPHER, a city of Zebulun, 2 Kin. 14:25.


(wine-press on the hill), a town on the border of the territory of Zebulun, not far from Japhia, now ?Yafa , (Joshua 19:12,13) celebrated as the native place of the prophet Jonah. (2 Kings 14:25) El-Meshhad , a village two-miles east of Sefurieh , is the ancient Gath-hepher.


(Joshua 19:13) [GATH-HEPHER]


GATH-HEPHER - gath-he'-fer (gath ha-chepher, "winepress of the pit"): A town on the boundary of Zebulun (Josh 19:13; the King James Version in error, "Gittah-hapher"), the birthplace of the prophet Jonah (2 Ki 14:25). Jerome (Commentary on Jonah) speaks of Geth as an inconsiderable village, about 2 miles from Sepphoris on the Tiberias road, where the tomb of Jonah was shown. Benjamin of Tudela says that Jonah the son of Amittai the prophet was buried "in the mountain" near Sepphoris (Bohn, Early Travels in Palestine, 88). These indications agree with the local tradition which identifies Gath-hepher with el-Meshhed, a village with ancient ruins on a height North of the road as one goes to Tiberias, about 2 miles from Nazareth, and half a mile from Kefr Kennah.

W. Ewing

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