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NAVE: Gatekeepers
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Gatekeepers [NAVE]

Guards at the city gates, the doors of the king's palace, and doors of the temple, 1 Chr. 9:17-32; 2 Chr. 34:13; 35:15.
Lodged round about the temple in order to be present for opening the doors, 1 Chr. 9:27.
One-third were porters of the temple, 2 Chr. 23:4; one-third were porters of the king's house, 2 Chr. 23:5; one-third were porters of the gate of the foundation, 2 Chr. 23:5.
They served, also, as porters of the gates of the walls, Neh. 12:25.
They served in twenty-four courses, 1 Chr. 26:13-19.
Their posts were determined by lot, 1 Chr. 24:31; 26:13-19.

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