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FURNISH - fur'-nish (male; plethomai): To "furnish" is to supply with what is useful or necessary, to fit out, provide, equip. It is the translation of several Hebrew or Greek words: of male', "to fill in or up," "to complete" (Isa 65:11 the King James Version); nasa, "to lift up," "to aid" (1 Ki 9:11); `anaq, Hiphil, probably "to lay on the neck," "to encircle" (with a bracelet) (Dt 15:14), of a slave set at liberty; `arakh, "to arrange in order," "to lay out a table" (Ps 78:19 the King James Version; Prov 9:2); `asah keli, "to make a vessel for containing things" (Jer 46:19, "Furnish thyself to go into captivity," the Revised Version, margin "Hebrew, make thee vessels of captivity"); plethomai, "to be filled" (Mt 22:10 the King James Version); stronnumi, "to strew," "to spread" (Mk 14:15; Lk 22:12); exartizo, "to complete fully," to equip" (2 Tim 3:17).

In Ecclesiasticus 29:26 we have "furnish a table" (kosmeo); 44:6, "furnished with ability" (choregeo); 1 Macc 14:34 the King James Version, "He furnished them with all things" (tithemi).

W. L. Walker

Also see definition of "Furnish" in Word Study

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