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EBD: Fugitive
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Fugitive [EBD]

Gen. 4:12, 14, a rover or wanderer (Heb. n'a); Judg. 12:4, a refugee, one who has escaped (Heb. palit); 2 Kings 25:11, a deserter, one who has fallen away to the enemy (Heb. nophel); Ezek. 17:21, one who has broken away in flight (Heb. mibrah); Isa. 15:5; 43:14, a breaker away, a fugitive (Heb. beriah), one who flees away.


FUGITIVE - fu'-ji-tiv (paliT, from palaT, "to escape"; na`, from nua`, "to waver"; nophel, from naphal, "to fall"; bariach, beriach and mibhrach, from barach, "to flee"): One who flees from danger (Isa 15:5; Ezek 17:21); escapes from bondage (2 Macc 8:35 (as adjective)); deserts from duty (Jdg 12:4; 2 Ki 25:11 the King James Version; compare Judith 16:12 the King James Version), or wanders aimlessly (Gen 4:12,14).

Also see definition of "Fugitive" in Word Study

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