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GREEK: 3032 libertinov Libertinos
NAVE: Freedmen
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In Bible versions:

a building (synagogue) in Jerusalem where Jews with a history of slavery and exile congregated


Strongs #3032: libertinov Libertinos

1) one who has been liberated from slavery, a freedman, or the
son of a freed man
2) Libertine, denotes Jews (according to Philo) who had been made
captives of the Romans under Pompey but were afterwards set free;
and who although they had fixed their abode in Rome, had built at
their own expense a synagogue at Jerusalem which they frequented
when in that city, The name Libertines adhered to them to
distinguish them from free born Jews who had subsequently taken up
their residence at Rome. Evidence seems to have been discovered of
the existence of a "synagogue of the Libertines" at Pompeii.

3032 Libertinos lib-er-tee'-nos

of Latin origin; a Roman freedman:-Libertine.

Freedmen [NAVE]

FREEDMEN, synagogue of, Acts 6:9.
See: Emancipation.

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