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GREEK: 675 Appiov Appios
NAVE: Forum of Appius
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Forum of Appius

In Bible versions:

Forum of Appius: NET NIV NRSV
Appius, Forum of: AVS TEV
Appius: NASB
a town 65 kilometers south of Rome on the Appian Way
NETBible Maps: JP4 A1
Google Maps: Forum of Appius (41° 28´, 12° 59´)


Strongs #675: Appiov Appios

Appius = "the market place of Appius"

1) a town in Italy, 39 miles (60 km) from Rome on the Appian Way

675 Appios ap'-pee-os

of Latin origin; (in the genitive, i.e. possessive case) of Appius,
the name of a Roman:-Appii.

Forum of Appius [NAVE]

Acts 28:15

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