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NAVE: Fornication
EBD: Fornication
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Fornication [EBD]

in every form of it was sternly condemned by the Mosaic law (Lev. 21:9; 19:29; Deut. 22:20, 21, 23-29; 23:18; Ex. 22:16). (See ADULTERY.)

But this word is more frequently used in a symbolical than in its ordinary sense. It frequently means a forsaking of God or a following after idols (Isa. 1:2; Jer. 2:20; Ezek. 16; Hos. 1:2; 2:1-5; Jer. 3:8,9).

Fornication [NAVE]

See: Adultery; Lasciviousness.


FORNICATION - for-ni-ka'-shun.


Also see definition of "Fornication" in Word Study

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