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Foreigner [EBD]

a Gentile. Such as resided among the Hebrews were required by the law to be treated with kindness (Ex. 22:21; 23:9; Lev. 19:33, 34; 23:22; Deut. 14:28; 16:10, 11; 24:19). They enjoyed in many things equal rights with the native-born residents (Ex. 12:49; Lev. 24:22; Num. 15:15; 35:15), but were not allowed to do anything which was an abomination according to the Jewish law (Ex. 20:10; Lev. 17:15,16; 18:26; 20:2; 24:16, etc.).

Foreigner [NAVE]

Eph. 2:19.
See: Aliens; Gentiles; Strangers.


FOREIGNER - for'-in-er" The translation of nokhri, "unknown," "foreign," frequently rendered "stranger" (Dt 15:3; Ob 1:11); of toshabh, "a settler," "an alien resident" (Ex 12:45; the Revised Version (British and American) "sojourner"; compare Lev 25:47; Ps 39:12); of paroikos, "dwelling near," "sojourner" (Eph 2:19, the Revised Version (British and American) sojourners").

Revised Version has "foreigner" for "stranger" (Dt 17:15; 23:20; 29:22; Ruth 2:10; 2 Sam 15:19), for "alien" (Dt 14:21); "the hand of a foreigner" for "a stranger's hand" (Lev 22:25).


Also see definition of "Foreigner" in Word Study

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