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EBD: Flesh-hook
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Flesh-hook [EBD]

a many-pronged fork used in the sacrificial services (1 Sam. 2:13, 14; Ex. 27:3; 38:3) by the priest in drawing away the flesh. The fat of the sacrifice, together with the breast and shoulder (Lev. 7:29-34), were presented by the worshipper to the priest. The fat was burned on the alter (3:3-5), and the breast and shoulder became the portion of the priests. But Hophni and Phinehas, not content with this, sent a servant to seize with a flesh-hook a further portion.


FLESH-HOOK - flesh'-hook (mazlegh, and plural mizlaghoth): One of the implements used around the sacrificial altar. According to Divine direction given to Moses (Ex 27:3; 38:3), it was to be made of brass, but later David felt impelled by "the Spirit" or "in his spirit" to determine that for use in the magnificent Temple of Solomon it should be made of gold (1 Ch 28:17). But Huram made it, with other altar articles, of "bright brass" (2 Ch 4:16). In Samuel's time, it was made with three hook-shaped tines, and was used in taking out the priests' share of the meat offering (1 Sam 2:13,14). With the other altar utensils, it was in the special charge of the Kohathites (Nu 4:14). The hooks mentioned in Ezek 40:43 were altogether different and for another purpose.


Leonard W. Doolan

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