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Fit, Fitly


FIT, FITLY - fit'-li: The word "fit" (adjective and verb) occurs a few times, representing nearly as many Hebrew and Greek words. the Revised Version (British and American) frequently alters, as in Lev 16:21 (`itti, "timely," "opportune," "ready"), where for "fit" it reads "in readiness," margin "appointed." In 1 Ch 7:11 the Revised Version (British and American) has "that were able"; in Isa 44:13, "shapeth"; in Prov 24:27, "ready," etc. "Fitly" in Prov 25:11 is in the Revised Version, margin "in due season"; in Song 5:12, "fitly set" is in the Revised Version, margin "sitting by full streams." In the New Testament "fit" is the translation of euthetos, "well placed" (Lk 9:62; 14:35), of kathekon, "suitable" (Acts 22:22), and of katartizo, "to make quite ready" (Rom 9:22, "vessels of wrath fitted unto destruction").

W. L. Walker

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