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EBD: Fairs
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Fairs [EBD]

(Heb. 'izabhonim), found seven times in Ezek. 27, and nowhere else. The Authorized Version renders the word thus in all these instances, except in verse 33, where "wares" is used. The Revised Version uniformly renders by "wares," which is the correct rendering of the Hebrew word. It never means "fairs" in the modern sense of the word.


a word which occurs only in (Ezekiel 27:1) ... and there no less than seven times, vs. (Ezekiel 27:12,14,16,19,22,27,33) in the last of these verses it is rendered "wares," and this we believe to be the true meaning of the word throughout.


FAIRS - farz: Found only 5 times in the King James Version (Ezek 27:12,14,16,19,27), apparently incorrect translation of `izzabhon, according to modern Hebraists (though Gesenius gives "fair" as one of its meanings). The Septuagint translates the Hebrew of the above five passages by two different words, agora, "market-place" (Ezek 27:12,14,16,19), and misthos, "hire," "pay" (Ezek 27:27,33). The King James Version follows the Wyclif version in Ezek 27:12 and the Geneva version throughout, although it properly translates "wares" in 27:33. the Revised Version (British and American) gives "wares" (which see) throughout.

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