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NAVE: Ezel
EBD: Ezel
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going abroad; walk

Ezel [EBD]

a separation, (1 Sam. 20:19), a stone, or heap of stones, in the neighbourhood of Saul's residence, the scene of the parting of David and Jonathan (42). The margin of the Authorized Version reads, "The stone that sheweth the way," in this rendering following the Targum.

Ezel [NAVE]

A stone near Saul's residence. David and Jonathan meet at, 1 Sam. 20:19.


(departure), The stone, a well-known stone in the neighborhood of Saul?s residence, the scene of the parting of David and Jonathan. (1 Samuel 20:19)


EZEL - e'-zel (ha-'azel; Septuagint para to ergab ekeino): As it stands, the narrative in 1 Sam 20:19 records the tryst of Jonathan with David at the stone Ezel. The name occurs only here. There is general agreement that the text is corrupt, but there is no agreement as to how it should be restored. The Septuagint reads "this mound" (the Revised Version (British and American), margin), or "yonder cairn"; and in 1 Sam 20:41 instead of "out of a place toward the South" it reads "from beside the mound" or "cairn." Dr. Cheyne suggests "yonder juniper tree" (Encyclopaedia Biblica, under the word).

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