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EXACT - eg-zakt':

(1) naghas (Dt 15:2,3; 2 Ki 23:35; Isa 58:3), to secure by force or pressure interest or money for tribute, and perhaps, in Isa 58:3, labor or toil; but compare the Revised Version, margin "oppress all your laborers"; probably better with a slight change of text, "exact money lent on pledges" (reading for `abhoT beyedhekhem, `atstsebhekhem).

(2) nasha', or nashah (Neh 5:7,10 (the King James Version not the Revised Version (British and American)),11; Job 11:6 (but see below); Ps 89:22), to demand interest, to be a harsh and importunate creditor, a practice which Nehemiah asks the Jews to forego. Job 11:6 better with the Revised Version, margin for "exact," "causeth to be forgotten."

(3) yotse' (2 Ki 15:20 (if text is correct)). Menahem secured the tribute which the king of Assyria demanded by levying a tax on the chief men of his kingdom.

(4) prassein (Lk 3:13 the King James Version (compare Dan 11:20 Septuagint); 1 Macc 10:35 the Revised Version (British and American)), to demand money or tribute or taxes of anyone.

Walter R. Betteridge

Also see definition of "Exact" in Word Study

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