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NAVE: Equity
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Equity [NAVE]

See: Justice.


EQUITY - ek'-wi-ti: Is synonymous with "uprightness," which is found in Prov 17:26; Isa 59:14; Mal 2:6 in place of the King James Version "equity." Eccl 2:21 has "skilfulness" and the Revised Version, margin "success" for the King James Version "equity." The context favors this translation of kishron, which is derived from kasher, "to succeed."

Equity is the spirit of the law behind the letter; justice is the application of the spirit of equity; honesty is the general everyday use of justice or fairness, equity being the interior or abstract ideal. The Court of Equity overrides the Court of Common Law, deciding not upon terms, but the spirit of the deed.

M. O. Evans

Also see definition of "Equity" in Word Study

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