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NAVE: Ephrain
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Ephrain [NAVE]

EPHRAIN, a city in Benjamin, 2 Chr. 13:19.
See: Ephraim, 6.


(hamlet), a city of Israel which Judah captured from Jeroboam. (2 Chronicles 13:19) It has been conjectured that this Ephrain or Ephron is identical with the Ephraim by which Absalom?s sheep-farm of Baal-hazor was situated; with the city called Ephraim near the wilderness in which our Lord lived for some time; and with Ophrah, a city of Benjamin, apparently not far from Bethel. But nothing more than conjecture can be arrived at on these points.


EPHRAIN - e'-fra-in (2 Ch 13:19), the Revised Version (British and American) EPHRON, which see.

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