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HEBREW: 5885 vmv Nye `Eyn Shemesh
NAVE: En-shemesh
EBD: En-shemesh
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En Shemesh

In Bible versions:

En Shemesh: NET NIV
En-Shemesh: AVS TEV
En-shemesh: NRSV NASB
a spring on the boarder of Judah and Benjamin

fountain, or eye, of the sun
Google Maps: En-shemesh (31° 46´, 35° 16´)


Strongs #05885: vmv Nye `Eyn Shemesh

En-shemesh = "fountain of the sun"

1) a spring on the boundary of Judah on the south and Benjamin on the

5885 `Eyn Shemesh ane sheh'-mesh

from 5869 and 8121; fountain of the sun; En-Shemesh, a place
in Palestine:-En-shemesh.
see HEBREW for 05869
see HEBREW for 08121

En-shemesh [EBD]

fountain of the sun a spring which formed one of the landmarks on the boundary between Judah and Benjamin (Josh. 15:7; 18:17). It was between the "ascent of Adummim" and the spring of En-rogel, and hence was on the east of Jerusalem and of the Mount of Olives. It is the modern 'Ain-Haud i.e., the "well of the apostles" about a mile east of Bethany, the only spring on the road to Jericho. The sun shines on it the whole day long.

En-shemesh [NAVE]

EN-SHEMESH, a spring between Judah and Benjamin, Josh. 15:7; 18:17.


EN-SHEMESH - en-she'-mesh (`en shemesh, "spring of the sun"): An important landmark on the boundary line between Judah and Benjamin (Josh 15:7; 18:17). The little spring `Ain el chand, East of Bethany, the last spring on the road descending to Jericho, seems to suit the conditions. `Ain el chaud is usually called the "Apostles' Fountain" by Christians, on account of a tradition dating from the 15th century that the apostles drank there.

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