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En Gannim

In Bible versions:

En Gannim: NET NIV
En Haddah: NET
En-Gannim: AVS TEV
En-Haddah: AVS TEV
En-gannim: NRSV NASB
En-haddah: NRSV NASB
a town in the western foothills of Judah
a town of Issachar given to the Gershonites
a town in Issachar 10 km SW of the Sea of Galilee (OS)

eye, or fountain, of protection or of gardens
quick sight; well of gladness
Google Maps: En-gannim (1) (31° 45´, 34° 57´); En-gannim (2) (32° 27´, 35° 18´); En-haddah (32° 28´, 35° 15´)


Strongs #05873: Myng Nye `Eyn Ganniym

En-gannim = "fountain of the garden"

1) a city in the low country of Judah
2) a city on the border of Issachar and allotted to the Gershonite

5873 `Eyn Ganniym ane gan-neem'

from 5869 and the plural of 1588; fountain of gardens;
En-Gannim, a place in Palestine:-En-gannim.
see HEBREW for 05869
see HEBREW for 01588

Strongs #05876: hdx Nye `Eyn Chaddah

En-haddah = "swift fountain"

1) one of the cities on the border of Issachar

5876 `Eyn Chaddah ane khad-daw'

from 5869 and the feminine of a derivative from 2300;
fountain of sharpness; En-Chaddah, a place in
see HEBREW for 05869
see HEBREW for 02300

En-gannim [EBD]

fountain of gardens. (1.) A town in the plains of Judah (Josh. 15:34), north-west of Jerusalem, between Zanoah and Tappuah. It is the modern Umm Jina.

(2.) A city on the border of Machar (Josh. 19:21), allotted to the Gershonite Levites (21:29). It is identified with the modern Jenin, a large and prosperous town of about 4,000 inhabitants, situated 15 miles south of Mount Tabor, through which the road from Jezreel to Samaria and Jerusalem passes. When Ahaziah, king of Judah, attempted to escape from Jehu, he "fled by the way of the garden house" i.e., by way of En-gannim. Here he was overtaken by Jehu and wounded in his chariot, and turned aside and fled to Megiddo, a distance of about 20 miles, to die there.

En-haddah [NAVE]

EN-HADDAH, a city of Issachar, Josh. 19:21.


EN-GANNIM - en-gan'-im (`en gannim, "spring of gardens"):

(1) A town in the territory of Judah, named with Zanoah and Eshtaol (Josh 15:34). It is probably identical with the modern Umm Jina, South of Wady ec-Carar, not far from Zanoah (Zanu`a).

(2) A town in the lot of Isaachat (Josh 19:21), assigned to the Gershonite Levites (21:29). In 1 Ch 6:73 it is replaced by Anem. It probably corresponds to the Ginnea of Josephus (Ant., XX, vi, 1; BJ, III, iii, 4), and may certainly be identified with the modern Jenin, a prosperous village on the southern edge of the plain of Esdraelon, with beautiful gardens, fruitful orchards and plentiful supplies of water from the local springs.

W. Ewing


EN-HADDAH - en-had'-a (`en chaddah, "swift fountain"): A town in the lot of Issachar mentioned along with En-gannim (Josh 19:21). It is probably identical with Kefr Adan, a village some 3 miles West of Jenin.

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