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HEBREW: 473 hvyla 'Eliyshah
NAVE: Elishah
EBD: Elishah
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In Bible versions:

son of Javan son of Japheth son of Noah
a nation of trading people somewhere around the Great Sea (ZD)

it is God; the lamb of God: God that gives help
Google Maps: Elishah (35° 1´, 33° 12´)


Strongs #0473: hvyla 'Eliyshah

Elishah = "God of the coming (one)"

1) descendant of Noah, son of Javan; perhaps ancestor of the Aeolians

473 'Eliyshah el-ee-shaw'

probably of foreign derivation; Elishah, a son of

Elishah [EBD]

the oldest of the four sons of Javan (Gen. 10:4), whose descendants peopled Greece. It has been supposed that Elishah's descendants peopled the Peloponnesus, which was known by the name of Elis. This may be meant by "the isles of Elishah" (Ezek. 27:7).

Elishah [NAVE]

A descendant of Noah, Gen. 10:4; 1 Chr. 1:7.
Islands of the Mediterranean bear the name of, Ezek. 27:7.


(God is salvation), the eldest son of Javan. (Genesis 10:4) The residence of his descendants is described in (Ezekiel 27:7) as the isles of Elishah, whence the Phoenicians obtained their purple and blue dyes. Some connect the race of Elishah with the AEolians, others with Elishah, and in a more extended sense Peloponnesus, or even Hellas.


ELISHAH - e-li'-sha ('elishah, "God saves"; Elisa, Eleisai): Mentioned in Gen 10:4 as the eldest son of Javan, and in Ezek 27:7 as the source from which the Tyrians obtained their purple dyes. On the ground of this latter statement attempts have been made to identify it with Southern Italy or the north of Africa. Josephus (Ant., I, vi, 1) identified Elisha with the Aeolians. The Targum on Ezekiel gives "the province of Italy." Other suggestions include Hellas, Ells, and Alsa; the last named is a kingdom mentioned in the Tell el-Amarna Letters, but its precise location is unknown. It is impossible as yet to claim certainty for any of these conjectures.

A. C. Grant

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