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HEBREW: 475 byvyla 'Elyashiyb
NAVE: Eliashib
EBD: Eliashib
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In Bible versions:

chief of a division of priests serving in David's sanctuary
son of Eli-O-Enai, (Hananiah Zerubbabel David)
high priest in the days of Nehemiah
a Levite singer who agreed to put away his heathen wife
a layman of the Zattu clan who put away his heathen wife
a layman of the Bani clan who put away his heathen wife
a chief priest; son of Joiakim

the God of conversion


Strongs #0475: byvyla 'Elyashiyb

Eliashib = "God restores"

1) a priest in David's reign
2) a descendant of David
3) a high priest in Nehemiah's time
4) a temple singer with foreign wife
5) one of the line of Zattu
6) one of the line of Bani

475 'Elyashiyb el-yaw-sheeb'

from 410 and 7725; God will restore; Eljashib, the name of
six Israelites:-Eliashib.
see HEBREW for 0410
see HEBREW for 07725

Eliashib [EBD]

whom God will restore. (1.) A priest, head of one of the courses of the priests of the time of David (1 Chr. 24:12).

(2.) A high priest in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah (Neh. 12:22, 23). He rebuilt the eastern city wall (3:1), his own mansion being in that quarter, on the ridge Ophel (3:20, 21). His indulgence of Tobiah the Ammonite provoked the indignation of Nehemiah (13:4, 7).

Eliashib [NAVE]

1. A priest, 1 Chr. 24:12.
2. Name of three Israelites, mentioned in Ezra 10:24, 27, 36.
3. High priest, Neh. 3:1; 12:10; 13:4-9, 28.
4. Son of Elioenai, 1 Chr. 3:24.


(whom God restores).
  1. A priest in the time of King David eleventh in the order of the "governors" of the sanctuary. (1 Chronicles 24:12)
  2. One of the latest descendants of the royal family of Judah. (1 Chronicles 3:24)
  3. High priest at Jerusalem at the time of the rebuilding of the walls under Nehemiah. (Nehemiah 3:1,20,21) (B.C. 446.)
  4. A singer in the time of Ezra who had married a foreign wife. (Ezra 10:24)
  5. A son of Zattu, (Ezra 10:27) and
  6. A son of Bani, (Ezra 10:36) both of whom had transgressed in the same manner. (B.C. 458.)


ELIASHIB - e-li'-a-shib ('elyashibh, "God restores"):

(1) A descendant of David (1 Ch 3:24).

(2) Head of the eleventh course of priests (1 Ch 24:12).

(3) The high priest in the time of Nehemiah. He, with his brethren the priests, helped in the rebuilding of the wall (Neh 3:1). But later he was "allied unto Tobiah" the Ammonite (Neh 13:4) and allowed that enemy of Nehemiah the use of a great chamber in the temple (Neh 13:5); and one of his grandsons, a son of Joiada, married a daughter of Sanballat the Horonite and was for this expelled from the community by Nehemiah (Neh 13:28).


(4, 5, 6) Three Israelites, one a "singer," who had married foreign wives (Ezr 10:24,27,36).

(7) Father of Jehohanan (Ezr 10:6); probably identical with (3) above. Called Eliasib in 1 Esdras 9:1.

F. K. Farr

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