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Elephant [EBD]

not found in Scripture except indirectly in the original Greek word (elephantinos) translated "of ivory" in Rev. 18:12, and in the Hebrew word (shenhabim, meaning "elephant's tooth") rendered "ivory" in 1 Kings 10:22 and 2 Chr. 9:21.

Elephant [NAVE]

Job 40:15.
See: Ivory.


ELEPHANT - el'-e-fant (Job 40:15 the King James Version margin, the American Revised Version, margin "hippopotamus," the Revised Version (British and American) "ivory"); 1 Ki 10:22 the King James Version margin; 2 Ch 9:21 the King James Version; 1 Macc 3:34; 6:28 ff; 8:6): Possibly in Job it is the extinct mammoth.


Also see definition of "Elephant" in Word Study

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