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HEBREW: 5700 Nwlge `Eglown
NAVE: Eglon
EBD: Eglon
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In Bible versions:

a town in the western foothills of Judah near Lachish
king of Moab

heifer; chariot; round ( --> same as Eglah)
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Strongs #05700: Nwlge `Eglown

Eglon = "calf-like"

n pr m
1) king of Moab who oppressed the children of Israel for 18 years
before he was killed by the judge Ehud

n pr loc
2) a royal city in Canaan that opposed the conquest; located in the
low lands of Judah

5700 `Eglown eg-lawn'

from 5695; vituline; Eglon, the name of a place in Palestine
and of a Moabitish king:-Eglon.
see HEBREW for 05695

Eglon [EBD]

the bullock; place of heifers. (1.) Chieftain or king of one of the Moabite tribes (Judg. 3:12-14). Having entered into an alliance with Ammon and Amalek, he overran the trans-Jordanic region, and then crossing the Jordan, seized on Jericho, the "city of palm trees," which had been by this time rebuilt, but not as a fortress. He made this city his capital, and kept Israel in subjection for eighteen years. The people at length "cried unto the Lord" in their distress, and he "raised them up a deliverer" in Ehud (q.v.), the son of Gera, a Benjamite.

(2.) A city in Judah, near Lachish (Josh. 15:39). It was destroyed by Joshua (10:5, 6). It has been identified with Tell Nejileh, 6 miles south of Tell Hesy or Ajlan, north-west of Lachish. (See LACHISH.)

Eglon [NAVE]

1. King of Moab. Assassinated by Ehud, Judg. 3:12-30.
2. An ancient city of Canaan. Taken by Joshua, Josh. 10:23, 35.
Allotted to Judah, Josh. 15:39.


  1. A king of the Moabites, (Judges 3:12) ff., who, aided by the Ammonites and the Amelekites, crossed the Joran and took "the city of palm trees." (B.C. 1359.) here, according to Josephus, he built himself a palace, and continued for eighteen years to oppress the children of Israel, who paid him tribute. He was slain by Ehud. [EHUD]
  2. A town of Judah in the low country. (Joshua 15:39) The name survives in the modern Ajlan , a shapeless mass of ruins, about 10 miles from Eleutheropolis and 14 from Gaza, on the south of the great maritime plain.


EGLON (1) - eg'-lon (`eghlon, "circle"): A king of Moab in the period of the Judges who, in alliance with Ammon and Amalek, overcame Israel and made Jericho his capital, presumably driven across the Jordan by the turmoil in his own kingdom which at that time was probably being used as a battle ground by Edom and the desert tribes (compare Gen 36:35). After 18 years of servitude the children of Israel were delivered by Ehud the Benjamite, who like so many other Benjamites (compare Jdg 20:16) was left-handed. Under the pretext of carrying a present to the tyrant, he secured a private interview and assassinated him with a two-edged sword which he had carried concealed on his right side (Jdg 3:19-22). Ehud made his escape, rallied the children of Israel about him and returned to conquer the Moabites (Jdg 3:30).

Ella Davis Isaacs


EGLON (2) - eg'-lon (`eghlon; Odollam): A royal Canaanite city whose king joined the league headed by Adonizedek of Jerusalem against the Gibeonites, which suffered overwhelming defeat at the hands of Joshua (Josh 10). Joshua passed from Libnah to Lachish, and from Lachish to Eglon on his way to Hebron (10:31 ff). It was in the Shephelah of Judah (15:39). The name seems to be preserved in that of Khirbet `Ajlan, about 10 miles West of Beit Jibrin. Professor Petrie, however, thinks that the site of Tell Nejileh better suits the requirements. While Khirbet `Ajlan is a comparatively modern site, the city at Tell Nejileh must have been contemporary with that at Tell el-Chesy (Lachish). It lies fully three miles Southeast of Tell el-Chesy.

W. Ewing

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