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In Bible versions:

Eduth: AVS TEV
part of the song key: Shushan Eduth


Strongs #07802: twde Nvwv Shuwshan `Eduwth or (pl. of former) twde Mynvwv Showshanniym `Eduwth

Shoshannim-eduth or Shushan-eduth = "lilies"

1) instruction in the title of Ps 60:1 and Ps 80:1
1a) meaning uncertain

7802 Shuwshan `Eduwth shoo-shan' ay-dooth'

or (plural of former) Showshanniym aEduwth {sho-shan-neem'
ay-dooth'}; from 7799 and 5715; lily (or trumpet) of
assemblage; Shushan-Eduth or Shoshannim-Eduth, the title of a
popular song:-Shoshannim-Eduth, Shushan-eduth.
see HEBREW for 07799
see HEBREW for 05715


EDUTH - e'-duth (`edhuth, "testimony," a technical term for the Ten Commandments or for the Law): In Ps 60 title, "set to Shushan Eduth" (literally, "a lily (is) the testimony"); 80 title, "set to Shoshannim Eduth" (literally, "lilies (is) the testimony"). The Hebrew words appear to be intended to designate a melody by the first few words ordinarily associated with it.


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