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HEBREW: 154 yerda 'edre`iy
NAVE: Edrei
EBD: Edrei
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In Bible versions:

a town about 50 km east of the Sea of Galilee (ZD)
a town of Naphtali north or west of the Sea of Galilee

a very great mass, or cloud
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Google Maps: Edrei (32° 37´, 36° 5´)


Strongs #0154: yerda 'edre`iy

Edrei = "goodly pasture"

1) a chief city of Bashan, north of Jabbok river

154 'edre`iy ed-reh'-ee

from the equivalent of 153; mighty; Edrei, the name of two
places in Palestine:-Edrei.
see HEBREW for 0153

Edrei [EBD]

mighty; strength. (1.) One of the chief towns of the kingdom of Bashan (Josh. 12:4, 5). Here Og was defeated by the Israelites, and the strength of the Amorites broken (Num. 21:33-35). It subsequently belonged to Manasseh, for a short time apparently, and afterwards became the abode of banditti and outlaws (Josh. 13:31). It has been identified with the modern Edr'a, which stands on a rocky promontory on the south-west edge of the Lejah (the Argob of the Hebrews, and Trachonitis of the Greeks). The ruins of Edr'a are the most extensive in the Hauran. They are 3 miles in circumference. A number of the ancient houses still remain; the walls, roofs, and doors being all of stone. The wild region of which Edrei was the capital is thus described in its modern aspect: "Elevated about 20 feet above the plain, it is a labyrinth of clefts and crevasses in the rock, formed by volcanic action; and owing to its impenetrable condition, it has become a refuge for outlaws and turbulent characters, who make it a sort of Cave of Adullam...It is, in fact, an impregnable natural fortress, about 20 miles in length and 15 in breadth" (Porter's Syria, etc.). Beneath this wonderful city there is also a subterranean city, hollowed out probably as a refuge for the population of the upper city in times of danger. (See BASHAN.)

(2.) A town of Naphtali (Josh. 19:37).

Edrei [NAVE]

EDREI, a town of Bashan. Allotted to Manasseh, Josh. 13:31.
Joshua defeats Og at, Num. 21:33-35; Deut. 1:4; 3:1-3.


  1. One of the two capital cities of Bashan, in the territory of Manasseh east of the Jordan. (Numbers 21:33; 1:4; 3:10; Joshua 12:4) In Scripture it is only mentioned in connection with the victory gained by the Israelites over the Amorites under Og their king, and the territory thus acquired. The ruins of this ancient city, still bearing the name Edr?a , stand on a rocky promontory which projects from the southwest corner of the Lejah. The ruins are nearly three miles in circumference, and have a strange, wild, look, rising up in dark, shattered masses from the midst of a wilderness of black rocks.
  2. A town of northern Palestine, allotted to the tribe of Naphtali, and situated near Kedesh. (Joshua 19:37) About two miles south of Kedesh is a conical rocky hill called Tell Khuraibeh , the "tell of the ruin," which may be the site of Edrei.


EDREI - ed'-re-i ('edhre`i; Edra-ein):

(1) One of the cities of Og, not far from Ashtaroth, where the power of his kingdom received its deathblow from the invading Israelites (Josh 12:4; Nu 21:33 ff, etc.). It seems to mark the western limit of Bashan as against Salecah on the East (Dt 3:10). It was given to Machir, son of Manasseh (Josh 13:31). Eusebius, Onomasticon places it 24 Roman miles from Bostra. The most probable identification is with Der`ah, a town of between 4,000 and 5,000 inhabitants, on the southern lip of Wady Zeideh, about 29 miles as the crow flies East of the Sea of Galilee. It is the center of an exceedingly fruitful district. The accumulated rubbish in the town covers many remains of antiquity. It is, however, chiefly remarkable for the extraordinary subterranean city, as yet only partially explored, cut in the rock under the town. This is certainly very ancient, and was doubtless used by the inhabitants as a refuge in times of stress and peril. For a description see Schumacher, Across the Jordan, 121 ff.

(2) A place not identified, between Kedesh and En-hazor (Josh 19:37).

W. Ewing

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