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HEBREW: 7104 Uyuq Q@tsiyts
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Emek Keziz

In Bible versions:

Emek Keziz: NET NIV
Emek-Keziz: AVS TEV
Emek-keziz: NRSV NASB
a town in Benjamin
Google Maps: Emek-keziz (31° 50´, 35° 30´)


Strongs #07104: Uyuq Q@tsiyts

Keziz = "cut off"

1) a town on Benjamin and the eastern border of the tribe

7104 Qtsiyts kets-eets'

from 7112; abrupt; Keziz, a valley in Palestine:-Keziz.
see HEBREW for 07112


EMEK-KEZIZ - e-mek-ke'-ziz (`emeq qetsits; the King James Version Valley of Keziz (Josh 18:21)): A town in Benjamin named between Beth-hoglah and Beth-arabah, and therefore to be sought in the plain, probably South of Jericho. The name has not been recovered.

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