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EBD: Dwarf
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Dwarf [EBD]

a lean or emaciated person (Lev. 21:20).


DWARF - dworf: The rendering in English Versions of the Bible of the Hebrew word dak, "thin," "small," in Lev 21:20, where a list is given of physical failings which forbade man of the seed of Aaron to officiate at the altar, though he might partake of the sacrificial gifts. The precise meaning of the Hebrew word here is uncertain; elsewhere it is used of the lean kine (Gen 41:3) and blasted ears (verse 23) of Pharaoh's dream; of the grains of manna (Ex 16:14), of the still, small voice (1 Ki 19:12), of dust (Isa 29:5), etc. Septuagint and Vulgate (Jerome's Latin Bible, 390-405 A.D.) suggest defective eyes; but "withered" would perhaps best express the meaning.


F. K. Farr

Also see definition of "Dwarf" in Word Study

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