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NAVE: Drought
EBD: Drought
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Drought [EBD]

From the middle of May to about the middle of August the land of Palestine is dry. It is then the "drought of summer" (Gen. 31:40; Ps. 32:4), and the land suffers (Deut. 28:23: Ps. 102:4), vegetation being preserved only by the dews (Hag. 1:11). (See DEW.)

Drought [NAVE]

Gen. 31:40; 1 Kin. 17; 18; Jer. 14:1-6.
Sent by God as a judgment, Deut. 28:23, 24; 1 Kin. 8:35; 2 Chr. 6:26; 7:13; Hos. 13:15.
See: Famine; Meteorology; Rain.
Psa. 32:4; Isa. 44:3.


DROUGHT - drout.


Also see definition of "Drought" in Word Study

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