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NAVE: Dropsy
EBD: Dropsy
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NET Glossary: a condition that involves swollen limbs resulting from the accumulation of fluid in the body's tissues, especially the legs

Dropsy [EBD]

mentioned only in Luke 14:2. The man afflicted with it was cured by Christ on the Sabbath.

Dropsy [NAVE]

Luke 14:2.


DROPSY - drop'-si (hudropikos, "a man afflicted with hudrops or dropsy"): Both forms of this disease occur in Palestine, that in which the limbs and body are distended with water called anasarca, depending generally on cardiac or renal disease, and the form confined to the abdomen, usually the result of liver infection. The latter is the commoner, as liver disease is a frequent result of recurrent attacks of malarial fever. The man was evidently able to move about, as he had entered into the Pharisee's house (Lk 14:2).

Also see definition of "Dropsy" in Word Study

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