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GREEK: 1393 dorkav Dorkas
NAVE: Dorcas
EBD: Dorcas
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In Bible versions:

a Christian woman who was restored to life at Joppa

a female roe-deer


Strongs #1393: dorkav Dorkas

Dorcas = "gazelle"

1) the name of a woman Peter raised from the dead

1393 Dorkas dor-kas'

gazelle; Dorcas, a Christian woman:-Dorcas.

Dorcas [EBD]

a female antelope, or gazelle, a pious Christian widow at Joppa whom Peter restored to life (Acts 9:36-41). She was a Hellenistic Jewess, called Tabitha by the Jews and Dorcas by the Greeks.

Dorcas [NAVE]

DORCAS, called also Tabitha. A pious woman of Joppa, Acts 9:36-42.


(gazelle). [TABITHA]


DORCAS - dor'-kas (Dorkas, the Greek equivalent of Aramaic tabitha, "a gazelle"): The name was borne by a Christian woman of Joppa. She is called a disciple (mathetria: Acts 9:36, the only place in the New Testament where the feminine form is used). She seems to have had some means and also to have been a leader in the Christian community. Dorcas was beloved for the manner in which she used her position and means, for she "was full of good works, and almsdeeds which she did." Among her charities was the clothing of the poor with garments she herself made (Acts 9:39), and by following her example, numerous "Dorcas societies" in the Christian church perpetuate her memory. There is a local memorial in the "Tabitha School" in Jaffa devoted to the care and education of poor girls.

Her restoration to life by Peter is recorded. At the time of her death Peter was in Lydda where he had healed Aeneas. Being sent for, he went to Joppa, and, by the exercise of the supernatural powers granted to him, "he presented her alive" to the mourning community. In consequence of this miracle "many believed on the Lord" (Acts 9:42).

S. F. Hunter

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