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DETERMINE - de-tur'-min:

(1) "To resolve," "decide." This is the primary meaning of the word and it is also the one that is the most common. In the New Testament the Greek word krino, is translated "determine," and it has the above meaning (Acts 20:16; 25:25; 1 Cor 2:2). The word occurs frequently in the Old Testament with this meaning (see Ex 21:22; 1 Sam 20:7,9,33).

(2) "To decree," "ordain," "mark out." The Greek word that is rendered "determine" with this meaning is horizo.


The Hebrew term charats is translated "determine" with the above meaning; as "his days are determined" (Job 14:5); "a destruction is determined" (Isa 10:22); "desolations are determined" (Dan 9:26). The Hebrew term mishpaT, which means "judgment" or "sentence," is translated "determination" in Zeph 3:8.

A. W. Fortune.

Also see definition of "Determine" in Word Study

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