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NAVE: Derision
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Derision [NAVE]

DERISION, the wicked held in, by God, Psa. 2:4; Prov. 1:26.
Instances of
Sarah, when the angels gave her the promise of a child, Gen. 18:12.
The evil children of Beth-el deride Elisha, 2 Kin. 2:23.
The people of Israel scoff at Hezekiah, 2 Chr. 30:1-10.
See: Irony; Sarcasm; Scoffing.


DERISION - de-rizh'-un: Three verbs are so translated luts, "scorn" (Ps 119:51); la`agh, "mock" (Ps 2:4; 59:8; Ezek 23:32); and sachaq, "laugh at" (Job 30:1; Ex 32:25 margin, "a whispering"; compare The Wisdom of Solomon 5:3). This word is found almost exclusively in the Psalms and Prophets; Jeremiah is fond of it. It is used both as a substantive and a verb, the latter in the phrase "to have in derision:"

Also see definition of "Derision" in Word Study

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