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NAVE: Day's Journey
EBD: Day's journey
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Day's Journey

Day's journey [EBD]

The usual length of a day's journey in the East, on camel or horseback, in six or eight hours, is about 25 or 30 miles. The "three days' journey" mentioned in Ex. 3:18 is simply a journey which would occupy three days in going and returning.

Day's Journey [NAVE]

Gen. 30:36; 31:23; 33:16; Ex. 3:18; 5:3; 8:27; Num. 11:31; 33:8; 1 Kin. 19:4; 2 Kin. 3:9; Luke 2:44


DAY'S JOURNEY - jur'-ni (derekh yom, Gen 30:36; Nu 10:33; 11:31; hemeras hodos, Lk 2:44): The common way of estimating distances in the East is by hours and days. This is natural in a country where roads are mere bridle paths or non-existent, as in the desert. The distance traveled must of course differ largely according to the difficulties of the way, and it is more important to know where night will overtake the traveler than the actual distance accomplished. A day's journey is now commonly reckoned at about 3 miles per hour, the distance usually covered by a loaded mule, the number of hours being about 8. Hence, a day's journey is about 24 miles, and this may be taken as a fair estimate for Bible times.

H. Porter

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