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DAILY - da'-li: This word, coming as it does from the Hebrew yom "day," and the Greek hemera, suggests either day by day (Ex 5:13), that which is prepared for one daily (Neh 5:18), as e.g. our "daily bread," meaning bread sufficient for that day (Mt 6:11); or day by day continuously, one day after another in succession, as "the daily burnt offering" (Nu 29:6 the King James Version), "daily ministration" (Acts 6:1), and "daily in the temple" (Acts 5:42 the King James Version). The meaning of the word "daily" as used in the Lord's Prayer (Mt 6:11) seems to indicate sufficient for our need, whether we consider that need as a day at a time, or day after day as we are permitted to live. "Give us bread sufficient for our sustenance."

William E. Vans

Also see definition of "Daily" in Word Study

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